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Online Exhibits at Rose Center

Rose Center now offers online, digitized versions of its exhibits because of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Please view previous exhibits here.  


2021 Member's Art Show

January 25 - March 25

The Morristown Art Association is an organization dedicated to the support of visual artists and their work.  Every year the MAA sponsors a Member’s Art Show that is usually displayed at the Morristown Public Library.  This year, due to Covid-19, we are unable to display at the library and have decided to make our annual MAA Member’s Art Show virtual.

Those interested in becoming a member, or checking out our organization should go to our website at:


Participating artists in the Morristown Art Association Member’s Art Show are as follows:

Lois Armstrong, Peggy Brewer, Betty Bullen, Dan Gibson, Susan Hurley, Frances Maynard, Jim Palmer, Janette Parrish, Mike Sandlock, Cathy Teller, Leona Toll, Cindy Trobaugh, Chizuru Warner

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