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The Art of the Summer Social


Summer socials are all about breaking the mold, and this event is a perfect example. Imagine swapping a black-tie affair for a night of laughter, conversation, and the potential to walk away with a cherished piece of art. This year’s theme is inspired by Shakespeare’s “A Mid-Summer Night Dream.” Attendees are invited to embrace the magic of the night in the attire. 

Join a select group for an exclusive evening unlike any other on the Rose Center calendar. The Artist Advisory Council has cooked up something special: a chance to experience art in a whole new way.

This playful approach invites you to reconsider how you connect with art. Ditch the pressure of finding the "perfect" piece and embrace the joy of discovery. Trade, discuss, and have a blast while challenging traditional art acquisition experiences.

Tickets are selling fast, so grab yours early to secure your spot. Upon arrival, you'll receive a number corresponding to a one-of-a-kind piece of art – yours to take home! But here's the twist: the fun starts when you mingle and see what others receive. Are you feeling a connection with a different piece? Strike up a friendly trade!


Tickets are just $50 and include complimentary food and a cash bar. Don't miss this opportunity to experience art in a fresh, exciting way. Visit or call 423-581-4330 for more information.

Community Sponsors:

The Midsummer Social is an event developed by the Artists Advisory Council of Rose Center Council for the Arts. 

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