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Rose Center is looking for a few good friends...

You already know about Rose Center and all the many roles it plays here in our community. Whether it’s fine art, music, drama, dance, or history, you can find it at the Rose. When we ask our members why they support us, here are a few of the answers:

·         I want to provide arts opportunities for our young people, promoting an educated citizenry and workforce.

·         I want to host events that bring thousands of visitors to Hamblen County.

·         I want to provide a beautiful place for our community to gather.

·         I want to promote a better quality of life to our residents and to attract future residents.

·         I want to honor our history and our heritage, ensuring the Rose Center is here for future generations to enjoy.


Many people are unclear about how our organization is funded, and how we are able to provide all the things to our community that we do. Yes, we receive city funds, but they cover only approximately 3% of our budget. We also receive United Way funds, which support another 3%.  Far and away, the largest, and most vital, sources of our support are membership investments and additional gifts by private citizens such as you.

Simply put, without the support of our Friends, there would not be a Rose Center.

Will you please consider supporting the Rose Center with your investment? If so, please feel free to fill out the donor card below and return it to our office.

2020 Annual Report

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