Mountain Makins Virtual Festival  

This year, 2021, we were unable to present the festival due to the Covid Pandemic.  We decided to offer a virtual offering instead.  You can go to the YouTube Link in the flyer posted below and see the video highlighting all that we love about the festival.  This video will be up for the year for you to see anytime.  We plan to be back to the in-person festival next year.  In the meantime, please enjoy the commemorative video and online marketplace and peruse the past festival vendors below.  We will see you next year!


KathyFrank copy.JPG
Hui Malkowski.JPG


Kendall Lawson.png
April Dotson.png

Kendall Lawson

April Dotson

Tami Moore.png

Tami Moore

Jeri Jones.png

Jeri Jones

Painting and Drawing

Ashley Rowland.png

Ashley Rowland

Fiber & Textiles


patricia allbaugh.JPG
Karen Lovell.JPG
Teresa Buchanan.JPG
Joseph Declanto.png
Jamia Blazer.png

Joseph Declanto

Jamia Blazer

Tina Clouse.png

Tina Clouse

Pottery & Stoneware

Carol Taylor.JPG
sandra byrne.JPG
Caitlin Farley copy.JPG
Barbara Cara.JPG

Florals & Home Decor

ClipClopCandles copy.JPG
Barbara Beddenhope.png
Robyn Willman.png

Robyn Willmann

Woodworking & Stained Glass

ken Manning.JPG
Jim Hodge.JPG
Eric Livesay.png

Eric Livesay

Food & Culinary Crafts


Jenny Woodard.JPG
Megan Wilkinson.png

Megan Wilkinson

Scott Seagle.png

Scott Seagle

Rita Blackburn.png

Rita Blackburn

Metal & Knife Works

Harold Noe.JPG

Health & Beauty

Deborah Mann copy.JPG
Janet Lewis copy.JPG
Angela Adams.png

Angela Adams

Music & Instruments