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Our Mission


Rose Center Council for the Arts develops, promotes, and sustains the creative arts and artists in the Lakeway Area. By bringing together individuals and groups that pursue visual and performing arts, historical, and cultural endeavors, Rose Center encourages an enthusiastic environment where the arts and a creative economy can flourish.


In addition, Rose Center Council for the Arts maintains the historic Rose School as a gallery, museum, and gathering place for the Lakeway community. The 1892 structure is home to an ever changing roster of exhibits, classes, events, concerts and more.


To pursue its mission, Rose Center Council for the Arts uses a variety of strategies:


  • Developing cooperative partnerships with the local and regional artists, cultural organizations, and the community.

  • Facilitating arts education in area schools and at Rose Center.

  • Promoting the arts to local, state, and national leaders and legislators.

  • Providing a centralized website for promoting artistic groups and events.

  • Working with the Morristown Area Chamber of Commerce on strategic planning for the arts in the Lakeway Area.

  • Participating in or coordinating cooperative marketing and fundraising efforts.

  • Partnering with other agencies to promote community beautification and improvement ideas.

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