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Morristown Art Association

High School Art Show

April 5 - April 30

The 2021 High School Art Show is virtual this year.  In each school, there is a 1st, 2nd, and two honorable mention awards, and Best of Show Award.  2021 Judges were Morristown Art Association members Dan Gibson, Kathy Frankford, and Mike Sandlock.


1st Place: Allie Cosby, Sweet Treat

2nd Place: Ethan Morris, Just Peachy

Honorable Mention: Elissa Long, Morning Dew

Honorable Mention: Shakira Goins, Seahorse

Cocke County:

1st Place: Abbey Becker, Woman

2nd Place: Savannah Webb, Spring Has Arrived

Honorable Mention: Halle Hommel, Cuddle Fish

Honorable Mention: Cadence Gregg, Landscape with a Barn

Jefferson County:

1st Place: Kerra Lovell, Angus

2nd Place: Meici Payne, 29

Honorable Mention: Emma Woody, The Fool in the Garden

Honorable Mention: Jasmine Lee, Passive Aggressive

Morristown East:

1st Place: Issac Jones, Banana Mana

2nd Place: Jeordie Morales, The Heart of East TN

Honorable Mention: Maddie Helton, Parrot

Honorable Mention: Trinity Jarnigan, Smushed Printer Copy

Morristown West:

1st Place: Lindsey Rico, Elysian

2nd Place: Warren Heath, Mr. Francis

Honorable Mention: Emily Gray, Untitled

Honorable Mention: Ana Perez, Untitled

Best of Show: Matthew Sandefur (Claiborne High School), Gazing

Best of Show: Matthew Sandefur (Claiborne High School), Gazing

Claiborne High School
Teacher: Alisha Massengill
Meice eyes.jpg
Jefferson County High School
Teacher: Karen Bible
IMG_3956 copy.JPG
Cocke County High School
Teacher: Myra Amason
Jeordie Morales.jpg
Morristown High School East
Teachers: Carol Rouse & Sarah Allnatt
Morristown High School West
Teachers: Kerry Gatlin, & Deena Twitchell-Reed

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