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Travel through time with this art history adventure! Learn about the lives and the artistic journeys of some of history's most famous creators. Children and parents alike can enjoy a week of art activities, or can spread it out as much as they want. Activities are suited for elementary and middle school students.

Activities include:

1. Gustav Klimt inspired gold drawing

2. Georges Seurat Inspired Pointillism painting

3. Draw like Leonardo DaVinci

4. Paint Katsushikia Hokusai's Great Wave with your own story

5. Jackson Pollock inspired splatter painting

Materials include:

  • Famous Artist fun fact sheets and history lessons
  • Activity instructions
  • Gold leaf
  • Gold paint pens
  • Rhinstones
  • Black construction paper
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Painting paper
  • Pencils and erasers

*While pre-ordering, please provide a reliable email and phone number. You will be given an approximate time when the boxes will be ready, and then notified when they are ready for pick-up at Rose Center in early June.

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