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26th & 27th 

Pottery & Stoneware

Carol Taylor.JPG

Carol Taylor knows her craft.  She can tell you the history of pottery and more if you care to stop by and ask her.  Carol uses mostly high fire clay in her work.  She also uses copper, twine, reed, glass, and other metals in her pieces to ensure a diversity of look and appeal.  Her love of pottery developed while living in Asheville, NC.  


Ms. Orr practices the centuries-old tradition of hand building pottery. She strives to express artistic beauty through her pottery and bring joy into the world. She will display her work with fellow potter and friend Carol Taylor, from Chapin, South Carolina. Taylor utilizes copper, twine, reed, glass and other materials to enhance her creations.

sandra byrne.JPG

Sandra Byrne is a talented potter who specializes in “function-ware” pieces, but that doesn’t stop her for employing her Raku talents for non-functional display pieces, like her masks. Always on the lookout for new and inspiring ways to engage her creative process, Byrne’s work consistently evolves.


Morristown artist, Stan Taylor returns to Mountain Makins this year with his beautiful hand-thrown pottery.  Durable and functional, Stan's work is more than just a beautiful piece of art for your table.  Stan will also be demonstrating his techniques throughout the day. 

Jane McGinnis.JPG

Raised in Nashville,  Jane McGinnis has had a variety of professions in her adult life.  However, teaching high school art at Allen county Scottsville High and Art Appreciation at Volunteer State Community College are her go to milestones in her career as an artist.  Jane's woven ceramics are intricate and lovely, demonstrating an attention to detail and a passion for getting it right. 

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Barbara Cara is returning to Mountain Makins with her beautifully crafted and whimsical pieces.  Barbara specializes in wheel-thrown pottery.  Her pieces are lovely and functional. Barbara encourages folks to use her pieces daily--they are built to last.