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26th & 27th

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Leslie Brooks and Jenny Woodard, of Spicy Chicks Soups & Dip Mixes, return to Mountain Makins for their 3rd year.  


Much of the post-festival talk last year, revolved around how delicious these mixes turned out to be.  So, don't miss Spicy Chics--These ladies provide delicious pre-packaged mixes to a very grateful following.  


Lisa Wilson is coming all the way from Ohio to join the Festival this year.  This will be her first Mountain Makins Festival.  She is bringing her very own creation with recipes which have taken fourteen years to develop and perfect. Lisa and her staff are intimately involved with the process from the beginning.  First, they work to develop a new delicious flavor. Then comes taste testing it to perfection.  The Wilson's represent family owned and operated business for many, many years.


They will feature a wine frappe (slushy mix) available in 22 different delicious flavors including cocktail mixes, Granny’s Apple Pie and Mulling Spice to keep you warm and cozy. Their newest flavor, White Peach Sangria is out and it’s flying off the shelves! Be sure to get your sample!


Using the finest quality ingredients and spices available, Lisa Burchfield of Uncle Bob’s Barbeque Sauce was a hit at last year’s Mountain Makins festival, and folks will be lining up for another supply of this delicious sauce.  Their signature process of blending just the right amount and sweet and heat is a closely guarded secret.  Self-taught through a love of BBQ and trial and error, Uncle Bob’s Barbeque Sauce has a devoted following.  Their business also features a line of sauces paired with custom labels unique to each customer—bringing a personalized touch and great relationships with their customers.